This yogi got bells…

I know it sounds weird when a yoga teacher says you should pick up some Kettlebells. I see the look almost every time I recommend Kettlebells to clients. The look roughly translates to, “I am a yogi. I do asana…not weights.” Trust me I can relate to this reaction because it was mine at first too. However, the recommendation came from a very trusted source. So I put my preconceived notions behind me and the results are amazing.

  • I got stronger…fast
  • My forward folds were deeper
  • Backbends were easier
  • Hip pain was gone

These were just a few of the benefits I noticed after a month of training with Kettlebells. Hands down the bells helped my asana practice. They allowed me to address some of the issues I was having in my practice. All of these things are great but what I really liked about the Kettlebell Training is how similar it is to an asana practice.

  • The breath is essential
  • Focus on quality of movement not quantity
  • Student is to Practice…not workout
  • Self-paced mindful movement

Just like yoga has a proper breathing pattern or technique. The same can be said for Kettlebell training. The style of Kettlebell training (HKC & RKC) I practice focuses on form over failure. Instructors encourage students to practice building mobility and stability for functional healthy movement. My Kettlebell practice reminds me of my Mysore practice in many ways.

  • No one is leading me or telling me what I must do
  • Like Mysore, there is a set routine that I go through at my own pace
  •  I focus on what I need during that practice
  • Above all Ahimsa (don’t hurt yourself)

Ultimately I believe that an asana practice and Kettlebell training have more in common than most would think. Both practices complement one another and can help many students find the balance they have been looking for.